Toy Story 4

(SPOILER ALERT. If you still did not see this movie, do not continue.)

I figured it’s safe to write my opinion on this movie now since it’s been out for a couple weeks.


This movie was enjoyable, but it changed the way I view the franchise.

The movie did have its share of hilarious moments, especially with Key and Peele as new characters introduced.

I thought Forky was ok but a little corny for me. I was expecting to see even more of him throughout the movie.

I thought Gabby Gabby and her doll goons were so creepy that I thought I was watching Child’s Play. However, she “redeems” herself at the end so I declare her better than Lotso from Toy Story 3.

Now for what really swayed me…


I view her worse now than before.

She pretty much brushes Woody aside as if he didn’t exist (and with no explanation). At least Andy still played with Woody in the first Toy Story when Buzz came along. Andy should have taken Woody to college after all and leave her to cry. Toy Story 3 ended with the toys cozy and together, a perfect ending. Why did they have to ruin a perfect ending?

Now yes, Woody finds Bo Peep and she gives him a new perspective on the life of a toy. He did miss her and love her so it is sweet that in the end, he decides to leave his friends behind and stay with Bo. Yes, he was happier with that choice, but Bonnie didn’t even realize he wasn’t there? Yes, kids outgrow toys; I did. But, it still made me a little mad.

With this in mind, the movie was still cute and enjoyable. However, I rank it the worst of the 4. It was not necessary. They could have just continued with the shorts like they did after Toy Story 3. And please, no Toy Story 5, unless you make it truly amazing.



It’s been quite a while since I have posted an entry, but for good reason.

I just completed what I was told would be the most challenging class of the program. Looking back, I had a wonderful experience. Plus, I ended up getting an A in the course.

The course required you to partner with a library, get to know them, and make recommendations on how to add and/or improve services and programming. I decided to partner with the library where I completed my internship last summer. Classmates were telling me that it was a lot of work and had to be at least 80 pages, which scared me. There are many factors as to why I was able to complete this assignment without too much trouble:

1) The professor. So helpful, understanding and knew what she was talking about. We were able to submit the project in drafts, and her feedback helped a great deal.

2) I timed so I could take the class by itself, so I didn’t have to worry about other coursework. I was able to focus better.

3) Working with a library that I was familiar with and where the staff was very supportive also put my mind at ease.

4) Having to say no. Throughout my program, I have been fortunate to still be able to be involved with activities in my personal life. However, since I was prepared enough to know what I was facing in this course and being that I am toward the end of the program, I had to learn to say “no” a little more often.

That being said, I have one course to go that starts in a few days, and I should be completely finished by June!

I do appreciate getting the feedback from my classmates previously; it allowed me to narrow my focus deeply.

Almost done!


Most, if not all, of us cannot believe it is almost the end of the year. I don’t think much about New Year’s resolutions, but I am hoping that 2019 is a good year.

Things happen, and sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan. That is starting to scare me. I have two classes left of my master’s degree, and I hope to get a library job almost immediately. With school almost over and if I land my dream job, those would put a big weight off my shoulders. Even though five to six months seems like a while away, it will come quick. I just have to remember to take deep breaths.

Make this the year to go for your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. #hopefor2019


It’s funny how your priorities shift as you get older.

When you’re younger and in high school/college, the “important” question is society asking you, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” “Where are you going to college?” (Because society insists you go to college.) And you also “have to” do a job that is “acceptable” to society that makes a difference. If someone hears you doing (xyz) that is not interesting to them, then that is “not acceptable.” As long as it’s legal, ignore them.

I have found as I got older that my priorities are family, traveling, and having fun. I wish I had taken a slightly different route in terms of how I’ve gotten to where I am today. Yes, they say never look back with regret and don’t do the “what ifs.” Try to find a job where you enjoy going to every day without anxiety. If you’re able to still achieve your dreams, that is wonderful. If I had known then what I know now, things could have been slightly different. But, those are lessons I’ve learned and I hope to make changes for the future soon.

Maybe a new year’s resolution?

#behappy #goforyourdreams

Sequel: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Welcome to another blog post on evaluating sequels to movies.

Last night, I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck It Ralph. I will not put any spoilers to the movie since it just came out, but I will share my reaction.

I thought it was 10 times better than Wreck It Ralph. I loved their set up of the Internet, and there were very sweet surprises that occurred that you may get if you see this movie.

I think what ultimately made it better for me was that I did not like the level of bullying that occurred in Wreck It Ralph, especially toward Ralph. He just wanted to be everyone’s friend and never wants things to go wrong. As someone who was bullied, that takes away points.

There were little things about the sequel that maybe they could have expanded on more, but I loved it nonetheless! If you like my type of humor, you will love it! #ralphbreakstheinternet #bettersequel

The Dilemmas of Customer Service

Most of us have been there.

In customer service, we have to make sure the customer is always satisfied. We want customers to be happy and continue to come back to our place of business.

However, there are those customers who make those unreasonable requests, and there is only so much one can do. Personally, I find myself getting to the point where I stand firm at the end of the day and not giving in to people making requests I absolutely can’t do. I don’t want to come across as rude but sometimes I wonder.

I asked someone the other day if I was rude in one situation, and she said no and that she wished she was more firm like me. I do want to help people and please customers but not to the point where people start taking advantage.

When I was younger (and still now), I wanted to always be nice to people and not disappoint them. When I first started in customer service, I never wanted to say no to anyone and felt uncomfortable when they would get upset. Over the years, I have grown to say the word “no” and stand firm with the rules.

Although I am happy with how much I’ve grown, I still feel paranoid that one day “standing firm” will come back to bite me.

What a dilemma.


Another Sequel

I would like to share another sequel that I liked better than the original (although I am willing to give the original another chance). Incredibles 2. I finally saw it last night, and it was fantastic!

I think my main issue with the previous one was that the final fight scene dragged. Did anyone else have this opinion? It was a while ago since I saw it so I am willing to try it again.

Someone explained this to me as a “Mr. Mom” type movie, and they were spot on! The movie also had its share of laughs so that’s a thumbs up for me!

I also want to take the baby home with me! #incredibles2