It’s funny how your priorities shift as you get older.

When you’re younger and in high school/college, the “important” question is society asking you, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” “Where are you going to college?” (Because society insists you go to college.) And you also “have to” do a job that is “acceptable” to society that makes a difference. If someone hears you doing (xyz) that is not interesting to them, then that is “not acceptable.” As long as it’s legal, ignore them.

I have found as I got older that my priorities are family, traveling, and having fun. I wish I had taken a slightly different route in terms of how I’ve gotten to where I am today. Yes, they say never look back with regret and don’t do the “what ifs.” Try to find a job where you enjoy going to every day without anxiety. If you’re able to still achieve your dreams, that is wonderful. If I had known then what I know now, things could have been slightly different. But, those are lessons I’ve learned and I hope to make changes for the future soon.

Maybe a new year’s resolution?

#behappy #goforyourdreams


Sequel: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Welcome to another blog post on evaluating sequels to movies.

Last night, I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck It Ralph. I will not put any spoilers to the movie since it just came out, but I will share my reaction.

I thought it was 10 times better than Wreck It Ralph. I loved their set up of the Internet, and there were very sweet surprises that occurred that you may get if you see this movie.

I think what ultimately made it better for me was that I did not like the level of bullying that occurred in Wreck It Ralph, especially toward Ralph. He just wanted to be everyone’s friend and never wants things to go wrong. As someone who was bullied, that takes away points.

There were little things about the sequel that maybe they could have expanded on more, but I loved it nonetheless! If you like my type of humor, you will love it! #ralphbreakstheinternet #bettersequel

The Dilemmas of Customer Service

Most of us have been there.

In customer service, we have to make sure the customer is always satisfied. We want customers to be happy and continue to come back to our place of business.

However, there are those customers who make those unreasonable requests, and there is only so much one can do. Personally, I find myself getting to the point where I stand firm at the end of the day and not giving in to people making requests I absolutely can’t do. I don’t want to come across as rude but sometimes I wonder.

I asked someone the other day if I was rude in one situation, and she said no and that she wished she was more firm like me. I do want to help people and please customers but not to the point where people start taking advantage.

When I was younger (and still now), I wanted to always be nice to people and not disappoint them. When I first started in customer service, I never wanted to say no to anyone and felt uncomfortable when they would get upset. Over the years, I have grown to say the word “no” and stand firm with the rules.

Although I am happy with how much I’ve grown, I still feel paranoid that one day “standing firm” will come back to bite me.

What a dilemma.


Another Sequel

I would like to share another sequel that I liked better than the original (although I am willing to give the original another chance). Incredibles 2. I finally saw it last night, and it was fantastic!

I think my main issue with the previous one was that the final fight scene dragged. Did anyone else have this opinion? It was a while ago since I saw it so I am willing to try it again.

Someone explained this to me as a “Mr. Mom” type movie, and they were spot on! The movie also had its share of laughs so that’s a thumbs up for me!

I also want to take the baby home with me! #incredibles2


Computer Coding

For the past two months (and continuing until the end of the year), I have been interning at a local library for my master’s program. One of my big projects has been hosting a computer coding camp for kids as young as kindergarten. It has been such a thrill. Not only does it introduce concepts to the kids while they are young, but I have been learning a lot myself. I don’t think I will be a whiz at this, but I like that I understand computer languages a little better.

One of the websites I have been practicing is Hour of Code. I created a very brief Star Wars game that I enjoyed making. Check it out! #computercoding #starwars