31 Days of Oscar Topic: Katharine Hepburn’s Oscar Wins

For this year’s Oscar topic, we are going to discuss Katharine Hepburn and her record breaking Oscar wins.

Katharine Hepburn came from childhood tragedy to become one of the most famous and celebrated actresses of our time. Her wins began in 1934 for her performance in Morning Glory. She would earn numerous nominations over the following years and decades, but she would not triumph again until 1968.

1968 was the year she would win her second Oscar for Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, which she also dedicated to her late co-star and partner, Spencer Tracy. The following year would earn her a third Oscar for The Lion in Winter. She became one of few performers to win back-to-back Oscars.

1982 would give Hepburn two Oscar records. She won her fourth Oscar for Best Actress for On Golden Pond; she now holds the record for most acting Oscar wins. At the time, she also made the record of oldest Oscar winner, which she held for eight years.

Personally, I first knew of Katharine Hepburn when my mom first played Desk Set for me when I was a little girl. I found her to be fun and have been fond of her works ever since. She was the type who can inspire you and tell you that anything is possible. No matter how long it has been since she graced our movie screens, she will always be an Oscar winner in our hearts. #katharinehepburn #oscarwins #oscarblogathon


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